Before installing the application you need to create a MySQL database and provide its connection details below. Please note that this installer will not create it for you, this needs to be done separately through website management panel like cPanel or Pleask or through the server command line (in case you have got a dedicated server). Don't use double quote (") and backslash (\) in the password field.

MySQL tables are successfully created!

Please specify admin user account details below. Keep these credentials, so you can access the backend after installation is completed.

Admin user is successfully created!

Please choose default display currency and provide and API keys. These APIs are used to pull cryptocurrency and fiat currency quotes respectively. You can obtain the keys by signing up for FREE at and

Click "Next" when done and current market data will be pulled and inserted into the database. Please be patient, it might take some time.

Market data for coins is successfully updated!

The setup is now completed. In order to automatically pull new coins market data every hour please set up the following cron job:

0 * * * * wget -O - >/dev/null 2>&1